When is the best time for a tour?

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Welcome back to my Blog Tour series! Unless I get more questions about blog tours, this will be the last installment for now. I hope it’s been helpful so far and that this post will be as well.

When is the best time for a tour?

This is probably one of trickiest parts of the blog tour business. When I organize my own blog tours, I do it from the day of the books release and for about 5 days. When I organized them for other authors, it depends on my schedule. If I can do the same thing for their release, I try, but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow for that. In the various times I’ve done tours, I haven’t noticed much of a difference whether the tour starts the day of the release or a month after.

As a rule of thumb, the best time for a tour is when the book is still considered a new release. In most cases, that means three months or less from the date of publication.

What if I re-release my book(s)?

Excellent question! I’ve done one tour for a re-release and am doing another one this fall. In the case of the one I have done already, it worked out just fine and the author was happy with how it went. So go for it!

That just about wraps it up. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about blog tours and I’ll do my best to either answer them in the comments or do a FAQ post as a follow-up.

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