Top Free Resources for Word Sprints

Top resources for word sprints
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Word sprints (also known as word wars) can help you increase your word count by turning a small writing session into a race against the clock and potentially another writer.

Here are some resources to facilitate your word sprints:

Tools for Word Sprints

NaNoWriMo’s word sprint tool: (I believe this tool is available at any time, not just in November)

WriteDeck: (race to reach a specific word count first, rather than racing against a timer)

myWriteClub Word Sprints:

5,000 Words Per Hour (iOS app): (I haven’t tried this one myself, but it looks interesting)

Writeometer (Android app): (Again, I haven’t tried this one personally, but it has an integrated timer and nice-looking tools for tracking your progress and word count stats)


Word Sprints on Social Media

*In April, July, and November, find sprints on Twitter here:
(WARNING: The prompts may contain movie references some people do not know and/or approve of).

*NaNo Word Warriors:
(A Christian-run Facebook group, although not currently very active.)

Word Wars:

Encouragement Campfire: (General writing encouragement; word sprints allowed.)

*GrottoGarden: (Warning: Many people on there do use some “minor” swear words and/or slang)

Weekend Word Wars, run by Wordquill contributor and prolific author Faith Blum, are sprints that last all weekend. Oh, and there are prizes! Next one is April 27-29:

(Special thanks to Faith Blum for providing information about all resources marked with an asterisk!)


Do you use word sprints for motivation and efficiency?

What are your favorite tools for facilitating word sprints?

4 thoughts on “Top Free Resources for Word Sprints

  1. I love word sprints! I will have to check out a few of those other options. I hadn’t heard of all of them. Thanks for sharing this, Perry!

  2. I always loved creating random stories (mystery, scifi, whatever!) and building off of ideas that other storytellers created. So I built – it’s a place for writers to collaborate through 2 week sprints, riffing off of each other in a spirit of creativity and fun 🙂

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