How to Publish Your Blog to Kindle in 3 Easy Steps


Did you know you can publish your blog to Kindle? Kindle Publishing for Blogs is in beta right now, and it’s currently a very simple tool. However, if it makes your posts more easily accessible to your readers by sending them straight to their Kindles, why not give it a try?

It’s super easy to set up. Just follow these steps:

1. Create an Account at Kindle Publishing for Blogs

How to Publish Your Blog to Kindle in 3 Easy Steps

Go to and click “Create Account.” You will not be able to sign in with your Amazon, KDP, or CreateSpace account. Kindle Publishing for Blogs requires a separate account. This process is pretty quick and is very similar to setting up an account with KDP: you’ll enter your email address, name, and password. Then it will need your tax and banking information for royalty payments (such as they are; see below). Once your account is created, log in and…

2. Add Your Blog

How to Publish Your Blog to Kindle in 3 Easy Steps

Click “Add Blog” and begin filling in the form.

How to Publish Your Blog to Kindle in 3 Easy Steps

How to Publish Your Blog to Kindle in 3 Easy Steps

Notice there is a help pane to the right that explains a little about the role of each form field. If you are unsure what your blog’s feed URL is, you can either enter the regular URL and it will try to located the feed, or you can Google how to find the feed URL for your particular kind of website. (Wordquill is a self-hosted WordPress blog so the feed is the regular URL with /feed added to the end.)

3. Preview and Publish Your Blog

Once everything is filled in, you can preview the way your blog’s feed will appear on a Kindle. Then you can click “Publish Blog to Kindle.”

How to Publish Your Blog to Kindle in 3 Easy Steps

Your blog will be in review, and in 48-72 should be available on Amazon. When a reader subscribes, each new blog post you publish will be sent directly to their Kindle.

It’s that simple!

Now, a quick note: you may be thinking I missed the part about pricing your blog. Well, at this point, Kindle Publishing for Blogs does not allow you to set pricing (or even to set the price to free, which would be nice) but, as they say in the support documentation: “Amazon will define the price based on what we deem is a fair value for customers.” Rumor has it this is typically $0.99-1.99 / month. You will make 30% of the price of each subscription.

Annoyed at the lack of control over the pricing? The smallish royalty? Just remember your blog posts are usually available for free on the web.

How could this be useful to authors? Well… one of the first things that comes to mind is that if you post short stories or a serial, your readers can have the posts delivered for reading on their Kindles… much like a regular Kindle book. Pretty cool!


If you’d like to try this out from a reader’s perspective, sign up for a free 14-day trial of Wordquill blog posts here!

Do you have any clever ideas how to use this tool to help your author platform reach and engage readers?

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  1. This totally makes me wish I did serial novels on my blog… how cool would that be?! Or maybe I wish one of you did… new serial novel installments added to my Kindle? Yes, please!

    I don’t know… maybe I’m crazy. What do you guys think? Cool as a blog author? Cool as a reader? Neither?

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