Confessions of a Notebook Hoarder

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Well, folks, it’s been an embarrassing week. Promise you won’t tell anyone?

I, um, well… I’ve bought two new notebooks THIS WEEK alone.

There, I’ve said it. Feels so good to get that off my chest.

The first one was on clearance and has a really nice cover that’s just begging for a Cricut vinyl design (if only I could decide on one). It’s dot grid inside (yay, dot grid!). I wasn’t even looking for it. I might not even keep it. I might just decorate the cover and gift it…

The second one was a little more… intentional?

See, I heard about these things called Traveler’s Notebooks. And let’s just say I’m a sucker for leathery, papery paper goods. Always have been. And it was a super good deal on Amazon. (Like, under $10 for the whole kit and caboodle.) At that price it doesn’t hurt to give something a shot, right? Right.

But I still kind of feel guilty. Deep down I know I’m a notebook hoarder and that it makes no sense because I don’t have time for journalling at this juncture in my life, and because I don’t even do my story writing by hand. But I just love them, you know?

I know for a fact that I’m not alone in loving paper. That’s part of why my WriteMind Planner and Alicia Willis’s Meraki Literary Box do so well. Writers like paper. Writers like notebooks.

I think it’s okay for writers to be notebook collectors.

(Like how I changed it from “hoarder” to “collector”?)

Why do I think it’s okay?

Because blank notebooks are inspiring. Pages need to be filled and there’s sometimes nothing more inspiring. Because they encourage more words—always a good thing. Because notebooks make the act of writing stories (or the notes for them) so much more beautiful and organized. Because they’re one of the less expensive things one could collect (okay, some of those Traveler’s Notebooks get to be pretty pricey). Because they make a great gift stash.

Because—well—notebooks are just awesome.


Do you have a thing for notebooks? Tell me I’m in good company!

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8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Notebook Hoarder

    1. Oh I totally hear ya! I love to think I’ll find such a good deal on one I won’t feel bad for kind of scribbling in it like in less fancy ones.

  1. I always pick up 10-15 notebooks each year at the back-to-school sales. I told myself that I wouldn’t get any this year, because I haven’t used up the ones I have … but … pft. I still came home with one to four each time I went to Walmart.

    I also collect mechanical pencils, but that’s a year-round hobby as I’m more likely to use up/loose them.

  2. I’m with ya! I recently bought a very expensive notebook that is leather bound with dragon scales imprinted in the leather, even tho I have a few partially full notebooks that need to be filled before I start on that one. I couldnt resist! I don’t do much of my actual story writing by hand, but I like to keep lists in notebooks and ideas for things that go somewhere other in the story than where I’m writing at the moment, so that I don’t loose good ideas but also finish the section I started before starting another part.

    1. Sounds beautiful! And you seem to use notebooks in the same way I do. Not for the actual drafting but for the planning and note-taking.

  3. Take heart, Perry. I’m 71 and I STILL collect notebooks. I keep my morning journals in those school composition books (also on sale around start of school times). I cover them with scrapbooking paper to suit my moods. Lord help my family after I pass away. You think they’ll take the time to read them or just toss them???

    1. I think it’s wonderful and I hope they save and read them! I have decorated composition books with scrapbooking paper too!

  4. Yes I’m 25 and I’ve been collecting notebooks since I was 9. I just love the smell I get when I open them and I do use them..then I get too busy for journaling/art and put them back on the shelf; forget about it until I’m cleaning and I find it.

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