How Can Authors Get Story Ideas from Clickbait Titles? The Answer Will Shock You!

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Ahh… clickbait.

Those bizarre headlines that are annoyingly intriguing and make you feel like a failure for taking the bait and clicking on them. What if I told you there’s actually a good use for them?

Welcome to your new way of coming up with story ideas!

Seriously, clickbait titles make the best story prompts!

Don’t bother reading the actual article, but DO see where the headline takes your mind. What kinds of questions does it raise? Here are a couple examples:

This Wife Disappeared for 2 Months. When She Returned Nobody Could Believe Her Story.

Where did she go?
Was she kidnapped? taken to a parallel universe? living a double life?
Did she have amnesia and couldn’t find her way home?
Why did nobody believe her? Were they in on it?
What happened next?


Young Boy Finds a Secret Trapdoor in His Home. What’s Inside Changed Everything!

Why had nobody found the trapdoor before?
How did he find it?
Was someone in his family keeping a secret?
Is this a scary story? alternate history? portal fantasy?
What happened next?


Politicians Fear Him! Find out Why.

Does he have dirt on each of them?
Why haven’t they just found a way to silence him?
Is he someone important or well-known?
Is he their boss? or a staffer who knows too much?
What happens next?


So next time you see clickbait, don’t reward them with a click, but do start asking yourself questions about what the story could be if you were writing it as fiction. Who knows? Maybe it will prompt your next amazing story idea!

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