Book Review: Book Review: How I had Fun Writing 10 Novels in 13 Months: And How You Can Too by Sarah Addison-Fox


Title: How I had Fun Writing 10 Novels in 13 Months: And How You Can Too
Written By: Sarah Addison-Fox
Genre: Writing Helps/Non-fiction
Recommended Ages: Any


A friend recommended this book because it gave her a good pep talk and got her writing again. So I thought I would try it, too. I’m glad I did.

Clarity: 1/1

Everything was written in a clear way that was easy to read. I had an easy time reading it.

Overall Writing Quality: 1/1

Sarah has an engaging writing style that made this book easy to read. Not only that, but she also did a good job editing it. I never saw a single typo.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

The book was so short, it would be hard to put down anyway, but even if it had been longer, I would have had a hard time putting it down if I hadn’t been forced to.

Usability: 1/1

The tips were great! I had heard many of them before, but it is always food to hear them said again. Each step was explained well and with practical examples from the author’s own life.

Readability: 1/1

Super easy. It’s short, so that makes it easy to read. I never found anything that made me stop reading except my own real life things.

Conclusion: 5/5

This book was a great read and took less than a half hour. I finished it yesterday and plan to work on implementing it starting today. Let’s all get some writing done!

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