A Writerly Round-Up

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This fine Friday, I wanted to share with you some fabulous resources and articles I ran across this week. Enjoy!

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1. How to Keep Your Author’s Voice Consistent Across Genres

by Victoria Minks

This article pinpoints six things to consider when analyzing your author “voice” and then gives recommendations on how to carry that over to new genre endeavors. (Victoria also heads up a pretty cool group board on Pinterest, #BookbugsWrite!)


2. This Poster

Man, do I want this thing (or something like it)! I especially like the 1/2 rule at the end.


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3. The Alive and Writing Podcast

This podcast is SO MUCH FUN! It’s hosted by three authors (one of whom is Chautona Havig who also posts here on Wordquill and is one of my favorite authors). They’re hilarious and genuine and have really good things to say. The episodes aren’t super long, either, which means I can fit one in while making dinner—a plus when you’re as busy as I am!


Did you read (or write!) a fabulous blog post on writing or self-publishing this week? Did you see something motivational? Do you listen to any (clean) writing podcasts? Share in the comments and/or our Facebook group so we can all benefit too!


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