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  • What to Write?

    Most writers have a thousand ideas running through their minds. Add to that pile reader expectations. Popular topics. Hot-button issues. Rave eras. Novels, novellas, short stories, articles, anthologies, blog posts. Oh yeah, there are tons of things for a writer to write.   I’m near the end of my first-to-be-published novel (Lord willing), so this […]

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  • Confessions of a Notebook Hoarder

    Well, folks, it’s been an embarrassing week. Promise you won’t tell anyone? I, um, well… I’ve bought two new notebooks THIS WEEK alone. There, I’ve said it. Feels so good to get that off my chest. The first one was on clearance and has a really nice cover that’s just begging for a Cricut vinyl […]

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  • A Writerly Round-Up

    This fine Friday, I wanted to share with you some fabulous resources and articles I ran across this week. Enjoy! 1. How to Keep Your Author’s Voice Consistent Across Genres by Victoria Minks This article pinpoints six things to consider when analyzing your author “voice” and then gives recommendations on how to carry that over […]

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  • Zillow: It’s Not Just for Buying!

    Guest post by author EJ McCay I’m a visual person. I learn visually, think visually, and speak visually. Say wha? Speak visually? Someone asks me directions and I say, “Know where United is? Take a left there.” See? Visually. I think I’m a pretty decent writer. What I am not is an architect. I can’t do […]

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  • The Starving Christian Writer

    Ah, don’t you love stereotypes? I don’t know about you, but I have found that, more often than not, when I tell someone new that I’m a writer, their first reaction goes something like, “You must be famous! A best-seller!” Oh if they only knew…   But today I’m not actually thinking about the poverty […]

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  • Seeds of Story

    I’ve never written a proper memoir (I’m much too young and ordinary to write one unless it were about kitchen mishaps); but as I look at my stories, I realize a part of my life has been used in each of them. Every cute toddler, every insecure Christian girl who must grow in her faith, […]