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I was not going to get Pinterest. So many people were addicted to it, and I’ll admit, I didn’t quite “get” it. But…when I was asked to photograph a few family pictures, I needed ideas. Pinterest was amazing! Fast-forward to today…I’m not hooked. I promise. I’m not. I can go a week without looking at Pinterest (okay, let’s be honest: I do have weak days where I just sit and browse…). But the best thing is that when I need it, I have a world of ideas at my fingertips.

It wasn’t until last year that I began seriously using Pinterest to help my writing. I was writing “Journey to Love” and needed a creek to describe. I consider my creative mind as one that didn’t come naturally but needed training and help. Sometimes, a lot of help. So I started an Orphan Journeys board for the series. As you can see, I didn’t use it much. But it helped me to realize the value of using Pinterest as a writer, and since then, I have created various writing boards. Let me give you a glimpse at my Pinterest and how I use it…

– Writing Tips

I think every writer should have a board with writing tips/helps. This should probably be my biggest board, as I’m trying to learn the writing craft (and not just practice what I don’t know). It’s not. But it’s growing, okay? See it here.

– Costumes

Now we’re getting into the fun stuff. Cause who doesn’t like clothing from the 19th century, for example?

– Inspiration

I have just a plain Writing Inspiration board for those random pins that catch my eye that I’d like to utilize someday, but I don’t know which story or idea it’ll go to. I’ll confess: my largest board is just medieval ideas. I have written a couple of novellas loosely set in the era, but I would love to one day explore it further. So why not get a head start, riiiiiight? (*hides from your glares when you read my warning later*…I don’t always follow my own advice, okay?)

– Specific Stories

I have seen many authors use Pinterest this way. When I’m working on a specific story in a specific era, I like to organize a board for each story. I have one for Befriending the Beast and one for my WIP, Journey of Choice. I also made one for my short story, Hartly Manor. This is a win-win because not only does it help me to create a character cast and put faces to my imaginary friends and all the other juicy needs this non-visual writer has, but also, when the story is complete, I can post my cover and other promos on there. Also, being able to have secret boards is my favorite! Wouldn’t you like to know how many secret boards I have with projects I’ve not yet unearthed? Sorry, not telling!

– Fun Boards

Gotta admit, it took me a few months, but I finally bent. I mean, what’s Pinterest without all those fun memes? I finally started a random, “It’s me” board. Which is actually a writer/bookworm board. What can I say?

Now that I’ve shown you many useful ways to use Pinterest, I’ve gotta give you a warning about Pinterest: it can be addictive! Seriously. Ask almost any pinner. So, I’m going to give you one tip. A hard one, I know: only pin what you’re actually going to use! Don’t go pin-crazy. Don’t pin 1,000 tips in one day, saving them to “read later” (maybe have a “read later” board and when it gets up to 50 pins, don’t pin anything else until you have read those pins). Don’t pin 1,000 “possible ideas” or create 1,000 random boards. (See? I told you you’d glare at me!) Have a purpose in everything that you pin. This will save you from wasting time—you won’t have to wade through all of your boards in a year cleaning them out, and you won’t waste the time today by browsing and pinning.

So, now that I’ve given you a glimpse at how I’ve used Pinterest, I’d love to hear from you!

How do you use Pinterest with your writing?

What is your favorite Pinterest board connected to your writing?

Do you follow any amazing writing Pinterest boards?


6 thoughts on “Pinned Up!

  1. Great post, Amanda! I especially appreciate all the examples.

    For me, my favorite board is my Writing Inspiration, tips, quotables & laughables board. It’s something of a catch-all, but it’s a blast to scroll through at any point. I also enjoy using boards for stories I’m planning or working on. I think I primarily use it to help me worldbuild, in a sense. I get a feel for what people’s clothing looks like and what the overall mood or feel of their culture is.

    1. Thanks, Perry! 🙂

      Ah, yes. Sound like fun boards. 🙂 World-building is a good one. I have done that for my yet-to-be-written-medieval-idea. 😉

  2. Awesome post, Amanda! And thanks for sharing your boards… I always love discovering authors to follow that are like minded and inspiring. 😉

    I actually got on Pinterest to start a “style file” in conjunction with a Bible study on beauty. 😉 Since then I’ve discovered just how much I love using it for story inspiration. At the beginning I did over-pin quite a bit, so I’ve had a few deleting sessions to get it down to what I’ll actually use. 😉

    1. Thanks, Kate. 🙂 Happy to share. 🙂 I know what you mean about discovering boards from those who are like-minded. I’ve had to unfollow a few boards because of the pins.

      Glad you’re figuring out the balance! 😉

  3. As a marketing tool, Pinterest is FABULOUS, but you need to pin OFTEN if you want to have the most benefits. So, when you’re ready to branch out with other uses for Pinterest, that’s one thing to remember.

    1. I have heard about using Pinterest in marketing. Seeing as I’m just getting a grip on Instagram, I haven’t jumped into Pinterest marketing. 🙂 But it’s something I keep in the back of my mind as “someday…” 😀

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