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  • Christian Fiction Part 2: Self-Confidence

    This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Christian Fiction

    How many times have you heard a fictional character given a pep talk to boost their self-confidence? “Believe in yourself” and “follow your heart” are oft-repeated phrases on film and paper. In a character’s darkest hour, where do they turn for help? How do they rise above defeat and conquer the unconquerable? The answer time […]

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  • Formatting Paperbacks – My Checklist

    Happy Saturday, everyone! I am in the throes of formatting my third novella, “The Secret Slipper,” so formatting is on the brain for sure. I had thought about doing a formatting tutorial, but a video would probably work better than text for that—and I have a cold, so video isn’t happening this weekend. Authors use […]

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  • Top Free Resources for Word Sprints

    Word sprints (also known as word wars) can help you increase your word count by turning a small writing session into a race against the clock and potentially another writer. Here are some resources to facilitate your word sprints: Tools for Word Sprints NaNoWriMo’s word sprint tool: http://nanowrimo.org/word_sprints/ (I believe this tool is available at any […]

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  • Atlas’ Tool Box: World Building – Staying Consistent

    This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Atlas’ Tool Box – World Building

    World Building: Staying Consistent The world you’ve created, if only in your head for now, is the setting or stage upon which the more interesting thing happens. The more interesting thing is, presumably, your story. You have a point to make, a damsel or dude in distress to rescue, or a twist to reveal. In […]

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  • Book Review: 112 Christian Authors…

    Title: 112 Christian Authors and Publishing Professionals Share Their Best Advice for Novelists Compiled By: C. J. Darlington Genre: Writing Helps/Non-fiction Recommended Ages: Any Christian Writer Introduction: If you write Christian books, even if you aren’t published yet, you need to read this book and keep it handy. I started reading it because my writing […]

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  • 5 Ways to Frustrate Readers

    1. Kill characters because you find it fun Come on! You’re a writer and you enjoy this. In fact, you offer a comprehensive package: last words, cause of death, mourning, gravedigging, funeral services, and more mourning. You probably even bring the rain. This is your element but its benefits are twofold if you kill beloved characters […]

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  • Seven Tips for Effective Blog Posts

    Personal blogs can be a wonderful way for an author to build their social media platform, promote their books, and make connections with their readers. This month I am going to be providing you with some tips on how to best do this through your blog posts because, hey,  I am all about working smarter […]