Book Review: Creating Character Arcs by K.M. Weiland

Title: Creating Character Arcs
Written By: K.M. Weiland
Genre: Writing Helps/Non-fiction
Recommended Ages: Any


I had never really thought much about character arcs until recently. So I picked up this book and read it. It was amazing!

Clarity: 1/1

Everything in the book is well thought out and easy to understand. K.M. Weiland uses examples from well-known stories. Some I knew and some I didn’t, but even with the stories I didn’t know, I figured out enough to have them help me make more sense of what exactly needed to be done.

Usability: 1/1

Extremely usable for any author. I highly recommend it.

Readability: 1/1

The format and words used were definitely readable.

Overall writing quality: 1/1

K.M. Weiland has an easy-to-read style to her writing that makes it enjoyable to read her books whether they are fiction or non-fiction.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

Due to the amount of information in this book, I did have to put it down a few times just to let my brain get a little rest, but otherwise it was hard to set aside.


Every author should read this book. No matter how good they think they are at character development.

Faith Blum is a 20-something author of multiple books in various genres. She loves to write, read, play piano, knit, crochet, sew, watch movies, and play games with her family. She lives in Wisconsin with her family on a small family farm where they raise a lot of animals.

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  1. I love CCA! This book is so helpful, I have the e-book and the audio book.

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