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Title: 112 Christian Authors and Publishing Professionals Share Their Best Advice for Novelists
Compiled By: C. J. Darlington
Genre: Writing Helps/Non-fiction
Recommended Ages: Any Christian Writer


If you write Christian books, even if you aren’t published yet, you need to read this book and keep it handy. I started reading it because my writing was discouraging me and I didn’t have anything else along to do. By the time I read about 5 of the short essays, I was ready to write again.



Each author and publishing professional did a great job stating their advice with great clarity. Some of them did it in one sentence (literally) and others in a couple of pages (Kindle Fire pages).



Were there things in the book I already knew? Yes, but I’ve been seriously writing and publishing books for over 4 years and read multiple books about writing. There were also a few things I hadn’t thought of before and were very helpful to me.



C. J. Darlington did a great job making the essays presentable and easy to read. The advice is sorted alphabetically by last name. Some of the authors and professionals are traditional publishing focused, but there were also a few who were independent publishing focused. The mix was good.

Overall writing quality:


As one would expect from authors and professionals, the writing really was good. I did find a few typos including a few open-ended sentences, but overall, it was excellent.



If I could have read it straight through, I would have. Although, I think spreading it out over a couple of weeks probably was better. This way I had encouragement over a longer period of time.



I definitely recommend this book to any writer of Christian fiction and non-fiction. Whether you haven’t been published at all, have one book published, or have published 50 books, there should be something in here for you to glean.


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