• Self-Publishing
  • Understanding Trim Size

    What trim size should I use

    Are you asking yourself, “What trim size should I use for my self-published book?” If you haven’t begun thinking about it yet, it’s never too early to start! Something we’ve seen somewhat frequently among our first-time clients is that they don’t decide on a trim size early enough in the game. (As a side note, if […]

  • Encouragement
  • 14 Romance Book Cliches

    Cliches aren’t always a bad thing, but it’s always good to at least be aware of them when writing your novel. They can often be amusing when you stop to think about it. Here are some good romance book cliches I’ve noticed tend to pop up frequently… Gotta hate ’em before you can love ’em.  Never […]

  • Encouragement
  • 8 Ways to Excite Kids about Writing This November

    Guest post by Kate Willis originally published on PerryElisabethDesign.com Contains affiliate links. For most of us, November means turkey, pumpkins, and coming winter; but for a small portion of the population it spells National Novel Writing Month (fondly shortened to NaNoWriMo). These certifiably artistic people commit to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Hats off to them! […]